"The exceptional standards of our dedicated team of housekeeping professionals ensure your company always looks its best."

Our modern training facility allows us to keep our staff trained to international standards, meaning they can deliver a service that exceeds your expectations. Using only the latest equipment, including microfibre materials and environmentally friendly chemicals, we have built up a strong reputation as the housekeeping service of choice.

We work hard to keep our staff happy, ensuring that they deliver a superb service with a smile and exceed your expectations on every single project. You can count on our team to deliver a five-star service.

Our Services:

Our cleaning services are wide and varied, include contract and bespoke specialised cleaning services, general cleaning services for external and internal areas, spot cleaning and deep cleaning.

We are committed to bringing you the reliable, trustworthy and quality care that you deserve. Our wide array of services will give you all the solutions you need with the quality you expect and it ranges from:

  • Housekeeping: room attendant, room service, public areas, bell boys
  • Banquet services, hospitality services and office boys
  • Steward services, laundry services
  • Deep cleaning and spot cleaning

Who we work for:

We’ve worked for a variety of clients and sectors including governmental, hospitality, educational & financial sectors, residential areas and corporate organisations: 

  • Hotels, restaurants and clubs 
  • Hospitals and Health Centre
  • Corporate, commercial, showrooms and retail malls etc
  • Sports clubs, sport courts, staduims 
  • Events, weddings and exhibitions 
  • Residential buildings and compounds
  • Public parks, car parks and roads areas
  • Public schools, colleges, universities
  • Banks and financial centres 

What makes us different:

We are extremely flexible in adapting to our clients’ specific needs and can provide all of the services necessary to deliver exceptional cleaning to superb standards.
High Training Standards:
Our in-house training centre allows us to maintain on-going skills development programmes to ensure that our staff are trained to international standards and on any technology and methods of cleaning that become the “new” standards.
Latest Equipment:
We use the latest equipment and materials including micro-fibre. material and environmental– friendly chemicals
Bespoke Service:
We design each cleaning program around you, ensuring a user-friendly solution that meets all the budgetary and timeline requirements.


"First impressions count, we understand presentation can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your establishment.  "

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