"As a company we go beyond environmental compliance and our commitment to environmental responsibility remains an integral part of our commercial philosophy to preserve its beauty, resources and strength for future generations."

Environmental Responsibility: 

By prioritizing which business operations could have the largest impact on the environment, we are able to adapt our processes in a step-by-step manner to ensure we minimize our environmental impact

We strive for continual improvement in our Environmental Health & Safety performance; we are committed to promoting a positive health and safety culture among our employees, partners and suppliers, and ensuring a healthy work environment whilst striving to minimize our company’s environmental impact.

We have supported many governmental and non-governmental organizations and their local partners in various environmentally driven initiatives:

  • Contribution to “Desert Cleaning Campaign” in association with Dubai Municipality
  • Water Management: 
    FSG invested more than 7 Millions Dirhams to establish a water treatment plant project (STP).  This initiative was an integral part of the framework in the efforts to preserve the environment and the balance of the natural resources – at FSG we consider this to be the duty of every citizen and every individual within our community.
  • Waste Management:
    Through various printed marketing materials we developed a programme to successfully increase awareness and promote waste management to over 5000 people living in our staff accommodation.
  • Encouraging usage of eco/green and recycled products within our business operations
  • Reducing paper waste