"The FSG Accommodation is one of the best staff housing in the region. It is unique in our industry, its modernity is reflected by its management and outstanding design."

We believe that our people are the key to our high standard of services, furthermore FSG management decided to develop its own property in which, to incorporate management presence at the premises to enhance the relationship between the management and the operational staff, we set on the premises operation offices “on duty 24 hours” for the divisions to ensure strong bond between the staff and the management.

Our accommodation is also available to corporate companies who wish to provide housing for their valued employees whilst having a positive impact on your corporate image. We tailor packages for your needs that ensure employee safety and welfare whilst offering the best value.

Facilities provided: 

The complex has an integrated set of services and facilities that include:

Catering facility  |  Supermarket  |  Saloon, Barbershop  |  Money exchange  |  ATM machine  |  Laundry  |  Internet café  |  Modern gymnasium  |  Basketball court  |  Volleyball court


Employee Welfare: 

At First Security Group we recognize and embrace our ethical responsibility to our employees’ welfare, customers, the local community and the environment. Our commitment to being a socially responsible corporation is delivered via a sustainable and holistic approach to CSR. We are committed to raising standards and investing in the communities in which we operate.

Should any of our personnel suffer financial hardship, we have established the ‘First Security Group Employees Welfare Fund’ which offers monetary support to those employees in need of urgent financial assistance.

We are proud to provide our staff with accommodation and facilities which are operated above the standard expectations. Our primary intention is to address the individual’s physiological, social, psychological and safety needs. We strongly believe that if we have a happy and healthy workforce, that this will also be reflected in our service delivery. Our business complies with international Occupational Health, Safety and Environment standards and we have been awarded the ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 certificates.