“We encourage a positive learning environment and foster a culture of excellence.”

At First Security Group we believe that our staff are one of our most important assets and investments made in their personal development is paramount to the success of both our business and that of our clients.

Offering training sessions for our people: 

We engage all our personnel in employee development programmes in order to encourage them to plan their career path. Our Training & Development Centre will assist them in putting together a Personal Development Programme to enhance their skills and knowledge, and help them in achieving their goals.

By investing in our people, we are always proud to be able to internally promote them. We recognize our key achievers, and as the business expands we enjoy rewarding and developing our personnel. Our training programme encourages others in our organization to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to create a bright future for them and their families.

Offering training sessions for external parties: 

In addition to investing in our own people, our intention is to also develop those around us. Hundreds of people per year benefit from our contributions to the community in a variety of events such as exhibitions, scouts and school events where we conduct free training and social awareness programs. Our aim is to enrich the community knowledge, and broaden their awareness on Health & Safety in order to prevent themselves and those around them, from unnecessary risk by taking suitable precautions.

“Our annual Risk Assessment and Health & Safety seminar attracts in excess of 50 senior managers to participate and benefit from our initiative.”