"You can rely on FSG to install integrated electronic security solutions that exceed required certifications."

First Security Group has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide life safety and integrated security systems to our clients based on their specific needs and environments.

The Special Projects division installs only the most current technologies. We follow code requirements for fire and security system installations with exacting details to ensure all property risks are covered.

Our team consists of consultants, technical experts and project managers are passionate team of life safety and security experts providing customized services to clients for over 10 years, focused on applying hardware and electronic equipment for the protection of all physical assets. Our team has been engaged by businesses of all types and sizes across a wide spectrum of industries.

Our Services:

Special Projects division implements the latest innovative security solutions for the industry in general, as well as made-to-measure applications for clients on request.  We offer conventional security systems and solutions in addition to advanced and state-of-the-art equipment such as Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV systems.

We secure individual outlets or whole buildings and residential and commercial projects by supplying, installing and maintaining the following:

Electronic Security Solutions:

Access Control:
•    Access Control and Time Attendance Systems
•    Gate Barriers, Turnstiles, Optical Gates and Security Bollards
•    Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) 
•    Electronic Number Plates for Vehicle Systems
      (Used for Access Control and Tracking)
•    UPS Systems
Video Surveillance & Intercom Solutions:
•    Audio / Video Intercom and Nurse Call Systems
•    Audio & Intercom systems
•    IP and Analogue CCTV Surveillance Systems
•    IPTV and SMATV Systems
•    Public Address Systems
•    UPS Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems:
•    Perimeter and Intrusion Alarm Systems
•    UPS Systems
Mass Notification Systems:
•    Electronic Queue Management Systems
•    Guest Room Management Systems
•    People Counting Systems
•    Parking Management and Parking Guidance Systems
Vehicle Tracking Solutions:
•    Vehicle and School Bus Tracking (GPS) and Fleet Management Systems

Fire Detection and Safety Systems:

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Emergency Lighting / Exit Signs / Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Fire Suppression / Sprinkler Systems / Pre-Action, Fire Extinguisher and Fire Hydrant Systems 
  • Monitoring Services for Security & Life Safety

"We value your business concerns and it is a source of personal and professional pride to recommend solutions that are ideally suited to your needs."

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