"We offer a comprehensive range of home health care products and services that help to provide a seamless transition from hospital to home."

With First Security Group home healthcare services, your loved ones are never alone. Whether you are choosing a provider for skilled nursing, physical therapy or help with personal care, we will be happy to assist. You can count on First Security Group home healthcare services to bring high-quality care to your home.

There are hundreds of patients who prefer to stay at home or return home to recover from a medical condition or illness. They want to be as independent as possible, but remain connected to their health care provider to feel confident in the quality and continuity of their care.

Our Team:

Our specialised nursing team is highly efficient, experienced and accurate in every task they undertake and offer a combination of traditional nursing care and patient education in the comfort of your own home. They are skilled in providing gentle and professional assistance in special procedures, and in cases that require comprehensive and continuous care.

We understand the complexities of illness and the special needs of patients. That is why we use a primary care approach to teach them how to function best at home. Our trained staff of registered nurses; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; medical social workers; and home health aides work with patients to bring them to an optimal level of independence.

"We care, you're not alone"

Nursing Services include:

We can provide 24 hour Nursing services, short term respite or ‘one off’ care depending on the level of provision needed based on individual assessments.

Our clinical capability means we provide a wide range of medical services to the patients at their homes such as consultancy and nurse care (injection and wound care), medical visits for tests, special care, provision and delivery of medication, monitoring temperatures, blood pressure and blood sugar levels and taking blood samples as requested by medical labs, hotels and school nurses. We also provide specialist physiotherapy treatment services along with using mobile devices at home.

Our services include taking care of newborns, the elderly, those with special needs, bedridden patients and chronic disease patients. We can also provide nursing care prior to and after delivery of a baby

Mother and child care:
Many new mothers wish to learn the fundamentals of taking care of themselves and their newborn. By delegating a specialised nurse to assist with breastfeeding, meeting the needs of the baby and monitoring development, we equip new mothers with the knowledge and confidence that they need in those early days.

Care for the elderly:
A medically trained and well-equipped team is available to offer care for the elderly whether they’re at the hospital having regular medical tests, or require continuous care. 
Health care for those with special needs:
Our specialised nursing team is exceptionally efficient, experienced and accurate in delivering comprehensive care services. 
Taking care of bedridden patients:
Bedridden patients often find themselves suffering from stress due to their condition and situation. These patients need social and psychological care that is delivered in accordance with their needs. Our team has specialised training in a wide range of health care including enterostomy cases (abdominal, throat and colon).
Corporate Nursing Services:
We provide licensed Nurses to Hospitals, Schools, Nurseries, Hotels, Sports Centres, Staff Accommodation, Fitness Centres, Events, Offices and Companies.


Reasons for choosing the Home Health Care Services:

Our health care specialists provide personal care in the domestic environment, ensuring the privacy of the patient and their family is protected.
We recognise the importance of caring for patients in their own home. This gives them the opportunity to be among their family and friends during their care and treatment.
Less time for recovery:
Enlisting the help of our domestic health care team can improve the recovery process by allowing patients to recuperate in the comfort of their own home. 
Low Costs:
When compared to the costs of long-term care in clinics and hospitals, our domestic health care services are, more often than not, more affordable for the patient.

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